In all my travels coming home always feels…right.  I love knowing that this little place is my home, where the dust settles, the lawn grows, and my little personal keepsakes are scattered.  It is cozy in the winter, vibrant in the spring, relaxing in the summer and earthy in the fall.  It isn’t a mansion […]

The heat bore down on my shoulders as I walked the perimeter of the forlorn oasis. It seemed someone just forgot to unlock the gate, but it was forgotten long ago. In the heat of a summer day, an abandoned swimming pool is not what you want to find while traveling. An empty hole of […]

Nebraska is a beautiful land, filled with grasslands, gentle rolling hills, and endless skies (blue yet sometimes stormy, like tonight) We have been exploring all sorts of terrain with Hiking Experiences. We are so blessed by our landscape, while discovering every treasure this area holds. Join us if you are in the area, walk in […]

    Mud from the Holy Land  Ever wonder where to hike/walk/commune with nature in the Lincoln area? Do you enjoy sharing your adventures? Need a little motivation to get moving? Announcing……Hiking Experiences! Soul Experiences has decided to take our love of nature, our enjoyment of people, our need to keep moving and utilize them for […]

The springtime is a perfect time to reflect on the hidden beauty within each of us.  Look for the glorious colors of your inner beauty!

I stood watching, from the security of my front porch, the red and blue lights illuminating the night. What could I do? What was really happening? Do I risk my personal safety for strangers? I felt helpless, except for my silent pleads for safety for all invovled. Another onlooker stepped in, ushering the tiny, shocked […]

  Life points us in the direction we need to be moving. Our faiths take us to places we feel we need to be. No longer should we be confined to small sections of this planet nor should we be led to massive monuments with the destination being the only experience we enjoy.  Tourism is […]

He suffered and died on the cross, so that we would be free from death. The alter was stripped of all it’s adornments last night at the church service.  The choir sang the 22nd Psalm, hauntingly beautiful voices hung in the air.  The lights were dimmed making the usually bright sanctuary feel small and oppressive.  We […]

You know you are Lutheran when the coffee and treats portion of morning prayer service lasts longer than the service!  🙂 Holy week begins on Palm Sunday.  We celebrate the day Jesus rode into Jerusalem as a king!  It is a celebratory day.  We sing his praises in remembrance of His triumphant entrance to a […]

 “Turn your face to the sun…and the shadows will fall behind you.”  Traveling with little, to no, destination in mind is a wonderful way to discover new unexplored areas.  Lessons I have learned while traveling are invaluable.  Until you walk, dine, interact, immerse yourself in a region you cannot fully understand the travel presence in […]