How lucky we are to live and work with community support! Reach out to mentors for encouragement. Engage with people who motivate you. Above all…travel well my friends!

Our lives are beautifully diverse.  We bustle from here to there.  We experience life from different vantage points.  Let your wings unfurl so you can soar to new heights.  Reach for a goal and grasp it tightly.  You have the power in yourself to achieve anything you dream!   Photo courtesy Nathan Rathjen-all rights reserved

Music soothes my soul.  It doesn’t matter the type of music.  Whether it is the hard rock of Seether or the angry sounds of Korn.  On some days it is the relaxing calm of Enya, Pachelbel, or Vivaldi.  The carefree rock of the 50’s helps me to sing and drive.  I love to go back in time with Journey, Stix, or Queen.  Sometimes I want to […]

“The ashes on my forehead do not represent my wrongness.  They represent His rightness.”-KR In all my years wandering on this planet, I have never understood a person’s ability to say they are not spiritual.  The encounters with stubborn atheists and fanatical ‘bible thumpers’ all revolve around one central issue, our souls.  The mysterious part […]

Love is the greatest gift of all.  It takes us places in our hearts, it touches our souls and reminds us how our body and mind can fool each other.  Love wraps us in a warm cocoon of safety.  So whether it is a love between parent and child, or an all encompassing love between lovers, be sure you […]

My life is a series of events that seem to crash into one another.  There aren’t enough hours in a day.  I have not learned to clone myself to be at multiple places at the same time.  Mundane routines seem to cloud the exceptional.  Daily life jumbles together to make a scrambled collage of unfinished […]

There is magic in water.  It is life-giving and taking.  It washes us clean both physically and spiritually.  We consume, immerse, bend, play, collect, rearrange, covet, and transport our water.  We have a very special connection with this liquid.  It is part of us, literally. I love the water, open oceans, sprays from a sprinkler, […]

We live in a world of instant gratification.  Our documents can be received in the blink of an eye.  We are able to call anyone, anywhere, anytime, we choose.  News travels at the speed of light.  What happens when we stop to truly wait for something? Wait for it…. Are you still with me?…. Finally […]

  Thanks HyVee Chinese fortune cookies! The fun fact about this ‘fortune’ is that the above foretelling happened at two different times of the day but were both my fortunes (yes I had the same take out twice in one day).  I’m pretty sure that my travel paths will not be in straight lines of […]

I lost my sunglasses today. No, this is not earth shattering news.  I did not loose my car in a ginormous mall parking lot.  I did not become separated from my beloved child at said mall.  I did not misplace my cell phone…again. You see, while I am enjoying the great outdoors, I need my […]