Bowling, fishing, biking, skiing, boating, knitting, scrapbooking,….the lists of pastimes could go on and on.  This past weekend I participated in a pastime that I have come to love, Cowboy Action Shooting. I have not talked about this pastime very often in a public forum because I was raised to think quite differently about firearms. […]

Okay I wear many hats. Some of you know them. I am a friend, a daughter, a writer, a sister, a traveler plus many others but above all I am a mother.  I love being a mom. Once I held my first born son I wanted nothing more than to be a mom! I mean […]

The nights are cool, the vistas change daily, the sky is bluer, the yellows are brighter. It is autumn! Pumpkins and apples grace store shelves. Hoodies snuggle over your head to help you stay by the fire a few minutes longer. This is the time of the year to allow your heart to be thankful […]

Travel moves my soul.  It makes me feel alive.  It helps me to gain perspective on our big wide world.  I desire travel like I desire my children’s happiness.  The mountains call to me, the beach beckons, faraway lands whisper for me to explore.  The path that was not taken will always be my favorite passage.  […]

Serenity fills my heart as I look over the valleys. I am on the road again. It feels good, it feels right, like I am at home. My TV reception is the ever changing vista out my window. The fridge is icy cold and within my reach. The sun shines in on my shoulder, warming […]

“Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for kindness.”  Be kind to one another.  Embrace our emense differences and envelope your soul with loving kindness.

It is a glorious day. The sun has made a magnificent return to the sky. No longer veiled by immense clouds, the blue above me is intense. Autumn is in full swing. College football is on the television. The leaves are beginning their colorful change. The air has lost the oppressive heat that engulfs this […]

It is raining here.  It is a gentle, steady rain.  One that makes you want to curl up under the blankets and read for a while.  It is not the stormy violent rain. It is not the foggy, drizzly rain.  It is gentle, cleansing, even refreshing.  I do not pretend to predict the weather but […]