I remember where I was 13 years ago. I know what I was doing. I can still feel the cold of the wood trim on my hand as I steadied myself while the news exploded with graphic images of destruction. I remember calling loved ones just to hear their voices. I remember worrying about the […]

The leaves are starting their final burst of spectacular colors.  The greens are turning to the vibrant oranges, yellows, and reds.  Nights have become cooler with the promise of chilly temps arriving sooner than we expected.  The graceful moonbeams of North America’s last Supermoon shone down on the Great Plains with eerie luminosity, bathing everything […]

The quiet little college town of Vermillion South Dakota came alive with the sounds of music, the tastes of BBQ and the sights of shiny chrome bumpers, this weekend.  It is a new festival that is literally “off the beaten path”.  We had a wonderful time connecting with new friends and enjoying time together.  The […]

I felt it in my heart this morning as I groggily stretched this old body out of slumber into wakefulness.  It was whispering in the deep corners of my mind and pressing on my soul.  It is not an easy feeling to hold on to.  It will come and go from my heart, as I […]


It’s a beautiful day to fly, To soar on a breath of wind. Defying what we should. Cresting the clouds to view them from their tops. To mimic the birds in their glory. Moving through the sky, not worrying why. Fly

Do not waste your moments with anger and hate. Life is extraordinarily beautiful. All the wonders of a lifetime must be compiled into a few short moments, strung together to with time. As one event passes by, another is starting. Time does not stand still waiting for your mood to lighten. You cannot rewind and […]

Brochures, fliers, posters, invading your dreams. Pop-ups, e-mails, social media posts, inundating your technology. The world is calling to come and explore. There is never a perfect time, the time is now. There is always something around the next corner. Snowflakes on you cheeks in Norway. Saltwater on your toes in Australia. Your breath caught […]

Home again!  I love being on the road, but coming home feels wonderful too.  My work leads me on journeys.  This past week I discovered winding trails, small oasis retreats, historical markers, and so much more!  What astounds me is I found all this in Kansas.  I live in Nebraska.  You would think Kansas is […]

“Every step we take is a step closer to discovering who we are meant to be.” Our travels with Soul Experiences takes us all over this vast world.  It is sheer joy to experience new destinations with fellow travelers.  Immersing yourself in another culture with patience and understanding feels easier to accomplish when you are not alone.  While we journey to […]

What can money buy?  Well quite a lot!  On my travels back from the Black Hills I stopped off in North Platte Nebraska just to see what money can buy.  My destination was Scout’s Rest Ranch just north and west of this growing community.  Scout’s Rest Ranch was the retreat home and entertaining oasis for Buffalo […]