Summer is the time for unexpected road trips, camping under the stars and time away from the routine of life. Be sure to take some time to explore beyond your backyard and adventure to new destinations! If you want a travel companion Soul Experiences has some wonderful tours and retreats planned for the rest of […]

I am ready for the open road! Once again I feel the pull of travel tugging at my soul. I desire to unleash my car upon the blacktop of our country. The unknown waiting to be discovered. The small communities with their amazing stores, hiding treasures from the mega chain retailers. Beautiful gems of unrecognized […]

“You are making a mountain out of a mole hill!” I heard that often as a little girl. I will admit I was hotheaded and spirited young girl, much to the dismay of my very calm parents. I would become upset over a broken toy, a perceived slight by a playmate or a failed project. […]

While traveling through a small town I was shocked and saddened to see a shell of an old building.  The building had been gutted by fire.  The evident age of the building presents its historical significance.  A history that was erased for the next generation by an all-consuming fire, a history now only preserved in […]

The waves rolled ever on and on.  I would crest one just to tumble down to the next.  Up and down.  Wave after wave.  At the pinnacle of each wave, for a moment, you could see forever.  The vista was more waves, stunning but immense.  Beautiful, yet overwhelming in my own insignificance.  I would be […]