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Join Soul Experiences on our specially designed tour groups. We will go exploring off the beaten path, venture to faraway locations, and check out local “mainstreet” treats.

Check out our planned adventures and select the getaway that will refresh your soul!  We have retreats for the mind, body, and soul.  Journeys that will step you back in time, with history all around you.  Enjoy escapes to warmer climates.  Mission trips that will revitalize your perspective on the world.  And, of course, visits to regional landmarks; come check them out from a new viewpoint with Soul Experiences. 

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Group Travel Design

Do you belong to a group that desires travelling together? Soul Experiences can design travel for your group based on your needs. Whether it is travel to a special location or just to get away with the people with whom you share common interests, we are here to help.

Church and youth groups, special interest groups, business adventures, or even a group of your closest friends. We can plan it all for you, so you can sit back and focus on leading your group.  Give us a call, and we will get planning!  

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Soul Experiences is just that, an experience for your soul. We plan retreats throughout the year for just the relaxation and rejuvenation you need.

Join us on our retreats to gain perspective on yourself, the world around us, and the people we interact with every day.  Try out a new relaxation technique or a different exercise for your healthy living.  Maybe you are ready to try a new hobby but are reluctant to commit to it.  We offer retreats to help you get started with new activities in your life

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Event Travel

Going to a special event? We can plan your travel details for the desired event. Whether for an individual or a 100-person group, we will handle everything so you can relax and enjoy your event.

Re-enactments, historical, spiritual, sports, arts events … you name it, we will help you make it happen!  Going to the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio?  We can help get you there!  Adventuring to Bumbershoot in Seattle, Washington, this year?  Well, grab your canvases and paints! We will arrange everything you need to enjoy this magical music and art festival.  Soul Experiences is here to help you on your eventful journeys!

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Travel Advisory

Time moves fast, so don’t sit on the sidelines wishing you had more time. For a small hourly fee, Soul Experiences with plan your family’s next adventure, that romantic getaway, or an executive business trip.

We have the resources to make your travel plans a reality.  This is a huge, wide world we live on.  Planning a memorable trip takes time, time some of us just don’t have.  Instead of turning over your travel dreams to resort type excursions, let us work for you to find you a getaway to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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Travel Designers

Kendra Rathjen

I have been designing travel for over 10 years, and I look forward to designing your perfect getaway. Specializing in group travel packages while emphasizing experiential travel helps me understand just what you need from your vacations. My favorite travel has always involved discovering new sites and looking for ways to visit familiar destinations with a new perspective. Sit back, relax, and let me take care of your travel concerns.

Glatha Rathjen

It is the journey, not just the destination! I have spent the majority of my traveling years on the road. From journeys with family to youth events all over the USA … and everywhere in between! I have visited the Holy Land three times, returning just this last May in 2014! Every visit I discover new and interesting activities for all of us to explore! My enthusiasm for education has helped me expand on my own theological background. I love new adventures! Journey with me as we discover new, to us, areas of this beautifully rich world.

Why Choose Us

Experience Immersion
Maybe you have traveled with a group in the past and wished you could slow down and really see what was around the next turn or what other groups of people were doing on the other side of the road. Bringing you closer to your travel experiences is our specialty. We make sure your don’t just rush from landmark to landmark but really immerse yourselves in the areas we visit.
Celebrate Diversity
At Soul Experiences, we explore many perspectives of our neighbors. We focus on keeping an open mind and embracing differences as ways to come closer to the people around us rather than letting our differences create separation.
Shop Small
We take time to help you enjoy your travels so you won’t need a vacation from your vacation. Shopping small is very important to us here at Soul Experiences. We love to check out all the local treasures in the communities we visit.
Rejuvenate Your Spirit
Our specialty is spirit-rejuvenating travel. We plan and arrange travel and lodging to help you escape from your daily life and renew and enrich your perspective with a spiritually fulfilling travel experience
Personal Attention
At Soul Experiences, we feel that your travel enjoyment should start the moment you contact us for an excursion. That is why we treat all of our travelers like friends, not just another customer. Each person is special to Soul Experiences, and we strive to always help you feel that way.
Native Nebraskans
While traveling far and wide over the course of our lives, we have always called Nebraska home. With 60-plus years of personal Nebraska travels, we know this state well enough to brag about it! From Parks, NE, to Harington and Falls City to Crawford, NE, with everything in between, we can guide you to a great ‘hometown’ escape.
Family Owned and Operated
Lincoln’s own mother/daughter travel team! Glatha has called Lincoln home for most of her adult life, and Kendra has lived in the Capitol City her whole life. Lincoln’s central location inthe USA has helped us travel all over this beautiful land, including Canada and the Caribbean.
As a mother of three boys, Kendra spent most of her 20’s and 30’s finding great one- and two-day getaways for families. Sometimes the best getaway is as close as the next town over. If you need guidance for a great Staycation, we are delighted to point you in the right direction.
Spiritual Tours
Sometimes our everyday lives can jumble us around to the point of forgetting who we are and what we truly want to achieve in this life. Soul Experiences prides itself of journeys that embrace the revitalization of your spiritual strength.

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