Nebraska is a beautiful land, filled with grasslands, gentle rolling hills, and endless skies (blue yet sometimes stormy, like tonight) We have been exploring all sorts of terrain with Hiking Experiences. We are so blessed by our landscape, while discovering every treasure this area holds. Join us if you are in the area, walk in […]

There is magic in water.  It is life-giving and taking.  It washes us clean both physically and spiritually.  We consume, immerse, bend, play, collect, rearrange, covet, and transport our water.  We have a very special connection with this liquid.  It is part of us, literally. I love the water, open oceans, sprays from a sprinkler, […]

We live in a world of instant gratification.  Our documents can be received in the blink of an eye.  We are able to call anyone, anywhere, anytime, we choose.  News travels at the speed of light.  What happens when we stop to truly wait for something? Wait for it…. Are you still with me?…. Finally […]

It is nothing short of a miracle to witness the lightening of a loved one’s soul. You see pain etched on the lines of their face. The light in their eyes is dimmed. Their shoulders carry an invisible weight only they can feel. Then, slowly, gently or sometimes all at once, their burdens dissapate. The […]

Home again!  I love being on the road, but coming home feels wonderful too.  My work leads me on journeys.  This past week I discovered winding trails, small oasis retreats, historical markers, and so much more!  What astounds me is I found all this in Kansas.  I live in Nebraska.  You would think Kansas is […]

What can money buy?  Well quite a lot!  On my travels back from the Black Hills I stopped off in North Platte Nebraska just to see what money can buy.  My destination was Scout’s Rest Ranch just north and west of this growing community.  Scout’s Rest Ranch was the retreat home and entertaining oasis for Buffalo […]

I love Sunday mornings!  It is a meditative time for me.  I feel the beginning of the week will start as soon as I finish my morning devotions.  Whether I am in a church, traveling, or in my church home, I feel once I have taken the time to spend some time “talking” to my Lord I am ready […]

TRAVEL UPDATE! North Central Kansas was reviewed last week.  I will showcase Iowa highlights this week.  It was a great weekend, albeit speedy, in Iowa!  Below is the original post that kicked off my Great Plains “off the beaten path” reviews.  We have only just begun with Kansas and Iowa.  Stay tuned, more to come! […]

When people speak of traveling through Nebraska and Iowa the most common thought is ‘boring’. I can see how that can be the conclusion as your car rockets across the flat plains of Nebraska at 75 miles per hour along I-80. Traveling East towards Iowa on I-80 your first sign of a metropolitan area is […]

Memories flood in like waves rushing to kiss sandy toes. The stage looks the same.  Towers of concrete and metal, sturdy.  Then the art designers are unleashed upon their ‘canvas’.  The soaring metal trusses are adorned with colorful lights.  The pillars of man made stone are converted into a lush growing forest then transformed into a majestic castle, […]